Monday, March 12, 2007

A Marriage, New Shoes and A Cupcake Order!

No, not me. I'm not the marrying type. Heck, I'm the kind you don't take home to mother...I will never let your spirits down..I'm a superfreak(which reminds me of "Little Miss Sunshine" - anyone see that movie? Satirical and rather funny)...anyway, I guess I'm "the new generation". The ones that say, hey, I have no moral issue with living with the person I love and feel no obligation to have the state/government/church recognize my companionship. I find weddings to be a waste of money and seriously rooted in tradition. I'm all for dispelling tradition and following what is logical. The marriage, I should add before I get too sidetracked, is that of my ex. This should help him obtain the Canadian citizenship he desires. He was quite stressful to live with - I'm hoping things have changed and that they are a better match than we were. I have, afterall, won the lottery in the compatibility department. Unfortunately, I did NOT win the PA lottery this weekend.

Look at these beautiful, all-purpose, all-terrain, summer, hippie shoes! I don't own them yet but I will in two weeks! Does that make you as happy as it makes me?? $85 is a big OUCH. But, look at the description - it's a hiking/water shoe! How appropriate for our summer. Really, I can't imagine needing much more. (The justification is in full-swing!)

And, guess what?! A lady from my work ordered a dozen Tiramisu cupcakes from me! I'm bringing them to her on Wednesday! I wasn't sure about what to charge her so I ended up saying $12/dozen. Is that high? low? Michael had suggested $15 but I wimped out. They are probably worth that - especially given the market rate but I'm not business saavy. I just like to make pretty things. I also have another cupcake venture approaching soon!

We'll be tabling at an "activist" trade fair. We have loads of vegan literature (including hundreds of "Why Vegan") and I'll be selling vegan cupcakes! Plus, the venue is about 3 miles from my house! Given that I'm actually quite shy and socially akward, I'm slightly nervous, but, given that I'm creative and love food activism, I'm excited, too! :-)


Melody said...

Oh wow!! Your first cupcake order! How exciting!!!

KleoPatra said...

This post is super cool... it's all over the place. And yes, i saw that movie, recently on DVD. Great flick, tho the ending was not what i wished it would've been.

Air beneath my feet said...

i think you are great. i love your personality