Saturday, March 10, 2007

First Stop - Hell!

That's right folks, I visited Hell today and I can't even say "and all I got is this lousy t-shirt" because there is no flipping way I'd ever buy a t-shirt at that place. I literally wanted to scream at everyone in the store "DON'T LOOK AT ME! REALLY, DON'T LOOK AT ME. WE CAN NEVER EVEN NONVERBALLY COMMUNICATE BECAUSE I HATE YOU!" Hmmm. When did I become so hostile, I wonder? I was in tears at this store. Physically shaken. I should have had at least SOME idea of what I was going to see but, nothing can prepare you for reality like...well, like reality. To clarify more - the store is a "hunting, fishing, outdoors, camping" store. It's right off of the highway on the way to Wheeling, WV and we saw some impressive camping supplies online that we wanted to at least see. Ultimately, though, we both want to make most of our supplies - instead of erecting plastic and nylon in a natural and beautiful woodsy setting. Inside of the Cabela's, you will find a hundred dead and stuffed animals - set up almost like a museum exhibit and thoroughly disgusting. We walked out the door, looked at each other and exclaimed that we couldn't every buy anything from that store. Never. bleck. Horrible.

Fortunately, our next stop of the day was extremely pleasant - we drove into Wheeling to stop at Jebbia's Market - a wholesale produce market with incredible prices. We left with a box full of produce for $20. We'll be able to live as royalty this summer! That may be a stretch according to society's standards but not for us! We took a short stroll around New Vrindaban today - the rain eventually stopped us. I love Michael! Love him and I love our night hikes, and snow hikes and rain hikes and...

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Anne said...

Jebbia's is an awesome store. Food is so cheap there. I grew up near Wheeling and I always visit Jebbia's when I'm back visiting. Also check out the Lebanese bakery on South Main and all the little shops around the Fish Market, just a few blocks away from Jebbia's. I too brought home a big box of produce from Jebbia's last weekend! (including lots of olives!)