Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sweet Home West Virginia?

The "For Rent" sign went up yesterday! Here is a picture of where we're moving (far left - yes, trees soon to be completed with a tarp, some selected strawbales and a tent)! I'm not certain when this image was taken but since, it's been cultivated and is primarily an organic vegetable garden. Not only organic - "veganic". I'd already heard that many organic fertilizers contain animal blood and bone but decided to really look for myself a couple of weeks ago when wandering around the Home Depot. Wow. It's so insanely difficult to be ethical! I imagine we'll still be relying on others for awhile but do get excited about the prospect of being more self-suffient and self-reliant. I'm looking forward to growing some organic herbs and veggies of our own, as well! Seeds of Change is great and just so happens to be the place were the bulk of the seeds for this garden are purchased! Southern Exposure Seed Exchange interests me, too, but simply because it is an outreach/business of ACORN Intentional Community!

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Melody said...

Wow! that is soo exciting!