Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's Fun to Kiss Butt with Cupcakes!

It's true and you can't deny it! Here, my crimson velveteen cupcakes prepare for a trip on the bus. I love my new carrier but wouldn't mind one of these too!


KleoPatra said...

GREAT cupcakes! Love 'em!!! And nice carrying case for them. Very clever idea. I need one of those!!!

Dan said...

Are these vegan? My mouth is drooling. Do you ship via Federal Express? :)

Tiffaney said...
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Tiffaney said...

They are vegan! Of course! :-)

And, if I could figure out a way, I'd gladly ship.

Kleo, my dear bf bought the carrier for me (from our joint account - te hehe). It's quite practical but I'm doubting that it's BIG enough. I think he may have bought it at Kmart. I've seen similar at Target, too - they run around $10 for the baking pan/attachable lid.