Monday, February 26, 2007

My Hostess Has the Mostess

Eva and Malani agree!

I really do eat food that isn't dessert! I swear! I'll have to post more "real food" pictures soon! I made some yummy pizza with follow your heart cheese on Friday night. The crust - ISA CRUST! Yes, I decided that Isa is my leader and her cookbooks are my bibles of sorts. I stopped by Barnes and Noble (Isa, don't frown - I stuck it to the man when I bought the Vegan Cupcakes TOTW cookbook by buying it at our local anarchist bookstore). Why not back to the anarchist bookstore? Well, I have a number of excuses including it's "weird hours", the fact that it's too cold to walk there on lunch, not being sure if they are carrying it/ if it is out...but mainly, I'm impatient and online took too long. I been trying to be responsible. I am, afterall, planning to discard most of my things and begin living "off the grid" this summer. It seemed like a bit of a splurge - everything seems splurgish now - buying any clothes is hard. I'm cutting it down to a couple summery dresses, a couple sweaters a couple shirts, a couple jeans and two pairs of practical shoes. Really! I'm talking 10 items of clothing TOPS and maybe a pair of good winter/hiking boots and a casual pair of all-purpose shoes. I can't wait to build an outdoor kitchen!

Wow. I'm actually kind of disgusted. It took me awhile to find photos of what I envision. I kept find glamorous extensions of kitchens for the wealthy. Shiny grills and well placed, even tiles. Not really what I foresee or even dream about. I dream about self-sufficiency and DIY. I think the pictures I found truly encompass some of my passion for simplistic and yet still extremely rich and rewarding life.


Melody said...

Your cupcakes look amazing!

I love you vision of an outdoor kitchen.. I have seen some of the over the top ones and it really makes me kind of sick that people are so extravagant.

KleoPatra said...

Basic living. That's real beauty.

The Fauxstess cupcakes are stuff of my dreams, by the way.

Your daughters are beautiful. I'm so glad they have you for their mommy!