Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cocktail Cupcakes on Fire...

OK, so I wanted another song lyric for today and had to google. I didn't want just any old kid song nor did I want some song written by a "normal" cupcake aficionado. I wanted a lyric about cupcakes from a real live "rock star". And that's what I got folks! Beck had an untitled song with the above lyric (is it just me or is Beck one sexy, hippie-ish, weirdo artsy fart freak?! Major crush from way back is surfacing now that I know he sang a song about cupcakes!! ;-) ). It's rather funny, actually, since my favorite cupcakes are almost like cocktails. I love the tiramisu cupcake that is made with kahlua and I love the margarita cupcakes made with tequila. Which came first, I wonder, the love of decadent desserts or the love the liquor?! It had to be the desserts since I didn't even start drinking alcohol until a year ago. The combination is deadly, though!

Bare witness to my newest creations! I redid the toasted coconut cupcakes so that Michael could have one - afterall, it was his influence that made me decide to make those cupcakes for the potluck and he was only able to get the cake part leftover from Malani's cupcake. Boo! Enter me to save the day. A dozen BIG ones.
And here's an adorable picture of Malani from the potluck that I had to post because...well, because any picture of our girls makes my blog that much more cool!

Next cupcakes - tiramisu. I made them once before and cut out the center, replacing the tops after the center was filled with coffee/kahlua and buttercream. They were hard to manage and "floppy". I like my more "authentic" looking versions. I simply dug a hole in the center rather than removing it.

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Tanya Kristine said...

damn. that looks HEAVENLY!