Thursday, February 1, 2007

It's February, I'm a Nerd and I ate Veggies Tonight

It's also cold as hell and Thursday - just for the record. My first matter of attention is the fact that I actually WON a scrabble game. Not only won, but won with lots of points to spare! This comes after a horribly saddening 5 game defeat. I think I had somewhere around 350 points! In one play, I got 71 points! I used a connector, got a double word score AND used all my tiles! Yippee. Look at our beautiful game! We used all the cubes. OK, I know they are called tiles but for some reason my brain always blanks out and I'll make dumb comments like "damn, all my cubes are vowels". And Michael, of course, laughs at me. I spent so much time losing that I decided I needed to come up with some good "excuses" and quick. Here is my list:

1) What do you mean QIS is not in our 1969 Elementary School Dictionary?! Everyone "cool" knows it's a word.

2) I totally would have won if I could have used the word QIS.

3) I'm sick.

4) Repeat any of the above adding on "and I've had too much beer".

Speaking of beer, we've tried a few new ones recently. Sam Adams had a homebrew collection that they put out which was really nice. Michael just brought home a variety case of "Blue Ridge" Beer yesterday. So far I've tried their Golden Ale and their Amber Lager. Nice, decent mellow brews. I'm enjoying this collection so far. It's hard to find a variety pack without an IPA. Neither Michael or I like IPA so it's a totally waste to buy that. At the same time, we don't typically want 24 of the same beer. Overkill. My most recent blunder was my six pack of Winter Storm ale. It's a 7.5% abv beer with quite the bite. Ouch.

And on to healthy stuff. Look at the yummy veggies I steamed tonight. First I sauted the carrots, red onion and red pepper with some nonstick cooking spray. Then I added the green beans, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. Saute a few minutes and then steamed by adding a 1/4 cup of water to the stock pot! Delicious with some earth balance and salt on top! Finally, Engel's Market was open. One of the things I love best about small businesses is how personal the experience becomes. The owner of Engel's immediately directed me to some of the freshest fruit that she knows we love - mmm - red d'anjou pears! She also informed me that their credit machine was down earlier that day but it wouldn't matter with us - she'd always be willing to start a tab for us. I don't know why - maybe it's the 1950's domesticated housewife in me - but that meant a heck of a lot to me. I feel jaded so often and it's nice to be trusted. We are, afterall, trustworthy folk!

So, that has it for Thursday.


Julie said...

Do you guys use Roman numerals in your scrabble games, or is XIII a real word???

Also, "word" about the variety packs. Nate hates IPAs, and I'm not a huuuuge fan of stouts, and it seems like every variety pack has an unequal distribution of both. I forget what brewery it is, but there is one that actually has two styles of IPA in their mix case. What gives?!

Tiffaney said...

Hehe. Roman numerals are a new thing for us. I swore that XI was a word once and we looked it up and low and behold it was listed in the Miriam Webster online version and we both (after some persuading) deemed it doable - at least for that one game a while ago. It hadn't come up again until last night when I used it. Michael took advantage of allowing me to play it and then added more I's. I was already kicking his butt at that point so I didn't argue. We don't typically play the "fancy" words - we really play with a 1969 Elementary School Dictionary. We'll likely upgrade to a scrabble dictionary in the near future since we play so much but I don't know about all the little "tricks" - they just seem stupid to me.

Eat Peace Please said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. How funny we have so much in common. And now you're not in Tempe anymore. Well, I want to be gone too, but not *that* far away.

Thanks for coming by, I'm gonna check out the rest of your blog now.