Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm a size 20, wha??!!

I hate pattern sizing! Everyone already knows that I'm "not normal" but really! I almost have to buy PLUS SIZE patterns! My waist is too large (33 inches) for what is considered a size 20! My chest size is a "pattern size" 18 and my hip size is a "pattern size 14"...What the devil? I freaking wear a size 7/8 when I buy clothes at the store (which is infrequent but still consistent!). Oh well, I found a nice $2 pattern at JoAnn Fabrics today which included a size 20 so I'm repressing the whole number thing and focusing on the fact that I'm making my first creation! I even photographed the fabric - also a steal- clearanced at .89 a yard! A $5 homemade dress! Weee!
Eva helped me in picking out a dress pattern for her and Malani but we didn't choose a fabric. She spent the entire 45 minutes in the store giggling about "poop". Mind you, poop is a very interesting thing. As an adult, however, I lose interest after, oh, I don't know, maybe 20 minutes. Which brings me to something else. It's difficult as a weirdo trying to raise a weirdling. I don't want her to have repress her own sense of humor (even if it is about poop). I'm don't want her to think that it's devasting to talk about "silly" or "crude" things. I think society needs to lighten up.

Now, if anyone is interested in telling that I need not freak about being a size 20, they can feel free to comment me. I fixed the comment feature - apparently, I had something clicked that wouldn't allow non blog members to post. I'm totally equal opportunity. Which brings me to - Happy MLK, Jr. Day. I'm on a roll...


Julie said...

That is a pretty fabric! Clothing sizes make me want to stab myself - I can anything from a size 4 to a size 12. What gives?! And men just don't understand... they waltz into the store and buy a 32 waist and 34 length or whatever the heck dudes wear. Sizes for women never seem to "transcend" different brands! Down with sizes!

Tiffaney said...

Down with sizes and with brands that try to manipulate vain women by constantly increasing the measurements of their sizes so that women can fit into stuff they should be squeezing into! I almost like the stretchy pant days better! LOL.