Sunday, January 14, 2007

Avoiding Sleep...

Such a common occurance nowadays. It's late - midnight- and I refuse to sleep. I feel as if I could run around outside, sing and dance in the living room and play another game of Scrabble. It's a sure fire sign that my job is completely unsatisfactory. I'm miserable there and I'm finding every way to squeeze out each minute of time away from my personal little hell (known to others as a cubicle). A hippie-freak, I could just run away. It's scary and dreamy all at the same time. It's also extremely unrealistic. I have two fantastic little monkeys that are homebased in "da burgh" for some time unforeseen.

All this work stress is affecting my eating, too. Never good for me. It causes me to panic and yet I still can't stop. I've always received a real pleasure derived from food - preparing, tasting, savoring and eating it. The more the merrier. I offer a picture as proof that I was, in fact, 250 lbs at one point in time. I'm so used to the "point system" now, that days that are unplanned or uncalculated are quite stressful. Eeek!
Sleepiness is setting in...I guess I'll drink some beer and go look at naked people online. Sounds reasonable, right?

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