Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Exactly What Am I Thinking?

So, I applied for two new jobs today. A secretary position here in Sq. Hill and's the semi-crazy one. A part time counter help position at Dozen cupcakes making just over $7 an hour. Spontaneous irrationality or burning desire? Both? They were hiring other positions not long ago - one for a baker. I was very conflicted about that. I'm not really cool with making nonvegan cupcakes. Now, only counter help. I have some crazy dream of convincing them to make more vegan cupcakes. Maybe I could work part time at the produce market, too?! Whew. Who knows if I'll even hear from Dozen Cupcakes - guess I gots some thinkin to do, huh?

EDIT: They emailed me - no more jobs there. boo hoo! (maybe a good thing- how the hell could I afford to live on a part time $7/hr job?!)

I've got such an incredible yearning to leave my 8-5 behind. I just need to figure out how to afford it - anyone want to finance me leaving my dumb job? Anyone? Hello? Some people have gotten all kinds of donations simply by asking people to give them money online. If I got enough donations, I'd start my own VEGAN cupcake/coffee/soft serve business with big fluffy couches, an anarchist library, and free internet with computers on site. Wow. That'd be great. I love the internet.


Julie said...

I think you should also have a wide variety of board games available at your free-internet shop!

Tiffaney said...

fo shizzle!
like, oh my god, totally!
most definitely!