Thursday, January 18, 2007

Adventures in Sprouting

There is nothing quite like seeing something grow. Too bad sprouted hummus tastes like dog poo. Wait. I don't know what dog poo tastes like so, no offense doggies...this stuff was pretty darn gross! Still, it's an awesome visual - I intend to try a few more things before giving up on being a healthy vegan.

Speaking of which, I just bought Michael the cookbook "Vice Cream" - I had to special order it from Barnes and Noble because I was too cheap to pay shipping from Amazon. Don't laugh, I've already discussed how important it is to save money for eating out and beer...Anyway, imagine our surprise to find that these vegan soy cream recipes are actually "healthy"! What the devil? I mean, if I want dates mashed with nuts and maple syrup...what am I talking about...I sure as hell don't want dates mashed with nuts and maple syrup. I want two tons of sugar mixed with vegan caramel and vegan brownie bits in frozen soymilk. AND, I want a recipe so that I can make it at home. Now, I wouldn't mind if the above wasn't horribly fattening but, it would still need to include all of the ingredients I mentioned. Perhaps we'll give it a whirl anyway...

In other news, my scrabble game has been improving. I only lost by 3 measly points last night and I won the last time we played. I've been thinking that I might start taking photographs of the boards after each game. I think it'd be beyond nerd-tacular. Plus, we've had some games that were unintentionally "themed". Worth a picture. There have to be some major geeks out there that would be as amused as me by this..

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Julie said...

I have a sprouter - I kind of gave up on it after a few not so successful tries. Maybe I'll give it another whirl!