Monday, January 22, 2007

1 Sick Kid, 2 New Shoes and 3 Boxes of Breadsticks

Yep, that about sums up my weekend. All in all, not an awful weekend but, not what I was intending either. Michael and I initially had plans to go see B-Nimble and the Boys down at PD's pub. We're their own personal fan club and we've seen them play at PD's twice and own the CD. A funky little band, you should check them out! B-Nimble and The Boys (Woo Hoo, I'm learning HTML).

So, we were pretty much house ridden on Friday and Saturday. Ok, forget the "pretty much" - we were house-ridden. I did get out to play the powerball, though. I'd never played the lottery before in my life! We didn't win but I do know how to play now - which could come in handy.

Sunday was a little more eventful. I drove in the snow. I'm terrifed of driving in the snow but, lo and behold, I live in Pittsburgh. We visited with all our girlies in Washington, PA and ordered three boxes of breadsticks from Papa Johns. Oooh La La! Garlic sauce! Fat girl me squeals in delight! A trip to the Washington Mall left me poorer than expected but since I finally found a pair of funky, vegan shoes I like. (I got the ones in black)Rocket Dog stuff is clearly labeled "cow friendly". I appreciate that, though I'd appreciate it more if ALL of their shoes were "cow friendly". It's almost like Whole Foods and their "animal compassionate" labeling.

Spent a bit at Whole Foods last night after we returned to town. As sad as it is that we stocked on lots of convenience foods, it's important that we have them - otherwise, we spend much more eating out. I'm trying hard to "plan ahead" the night before. Michael and I ate beer brats sauteed with onions and green peppers. Ooooh! I'm also making a chutney tonight for our Gotas/Vegetable Briyani dinner tomorrow. I may even be motivated enough to chop some of the veggies tonight. Then again, probably not...

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