Thursday, February 8, 2007

Comics and Cuppers

Animal Cruelty 101 It's time for some serious discussions with our little girlies. The questions have really been flowing from our older two who are attempting to understand the differences between their vegetarian lifestyle and our vegan one. Eva, on the other hand, likes the title of being a vegan but still doesn't full grasp "why". I was glad I was able to locate these comics online. I'm hoping it will help us provide the girls with an age-appropriate, yet still disturbing, view of these industries. Michael also pointed me at some additional resources that we'll look into purchasing soon.

Yesterday was the perfect de-stressing cooking day. I took advantage of my free time and made a loaf of homemade bread, a pot of vegan chili and a batch of vegan cupcakes. While I was excited to have food to actually bring to work for lunch, I was most excited about my "artsy" cupcakes. Michael took them with him to work today. I didn't eat any! Yay me! I'm much more about the decorating anyway! I'll post my chili recipe later this evening - I improvised from my favorite cookbook - The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook. My kinda peeps.

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