Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Skinny is Sooo Passe!

Clothing is the root of all evil! Really! I think the reason so many of us are delusional about our bodies is because we hide them. We assume that everyone else looks better than us and have no real grasp on what "average/normal" people look like - little stretch marks or fat dimples or tiny breasts or body hair! Still, radical reform isn't likely overnight so check out this progressive, reasonable proposition!

"The 12-point package of measures, or beauty "charter" -- drawn up with the health ministry -- includes a stipulation that shop windows display sizes of 38 minimum (size 10 in Britain, eight in the United States)..."

And check this out Julie:

"In a joint statement the couturiers said they intended to harmonise sizes in a bid to reduce the possibility of "consumer error" with sizes currently not in sync from one firm to the next."

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