Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's Pizza Night!

And I finally found a recipe for Super Quick Pizza Dough! Now that we have our pizza stone, we've created some AMAZING pizzas - and Michael and I, well, we know pizza. We love it and I'm, personally, a bit obsessed with it. I'm including some pictures of pizza made prior to owning our pizza stone. Our best pizzas thus far have been with the stone, though. And with the help of this more Authentic Pizza Dough! It's definitely worth the effort and time. Tonight, I'm thinking toppings of artichoke hearts, carmelized onions, roasted red peppers, and roasted garlic. Maybe even some tofu or some Tempeh Soysauge Crumbles (PPK)? I definitely think this pizza needs to be topped with Melty Nutritional Yeast "Chreese"! I follow the pizza variation and, honestly, I think it's better than Follow Your Heart. Follow Your Heart is the best for melty "realish" chreese and certainly has it's place in the world of vegan pizza but I love knowing that I have all the ingredients I need to make pizza from scratch without an expensive trip to Whole Foods or
The East End Food Coop. Pictures of tonight's pizza to follow later. For now - check these pizzas from our vegan pizza/beer potluck...

Oooh, and check out the cupcakes I made last Friday! I made the sexy low-fat vanilla cakes and topped them with fluffy chocolate buttercream. I wasn't sure I'd be too crazy about them since I'm really more a fruity cupcake girl but they were pretty incredible - especially at only 125-150 calories per cake! Yum!

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