Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The DIY Yinzer

My newest favorite book, Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt, has inspired me to chop up every T-shirt I own. I've made little purses for the girls, a "talk nerdy to me" skirt, a black "ruffled" tank top, a pale blue skirt with a pittsburgh skyline stitched on (putting a picture of 'da burgh on your clothing is probably a pretty yinzerish thing to do - then again, it's cool when new yorkers do that stuff)...

Recently, I also revamped my vegan bodybuilding and fitness t-shirt into a kickin' halter. Mind you, if you have boobs bigger than average, the measurements in the book don't exactly work (hence the white ties). Still, it's funky and original and I wanted to share.

I'm making a Hare Krishna skirt today with a picture of Lord Jagannath. I'm quite amused by Hindu ritual and lords. Here is a picture of "the lord" himself. His eyes are wide because he was so overwhelmed by the praises of the gopis that his hair stood on end, arms retracted, and his eyes grew larger and larger as he smiled in esctasy.

Hey, look, I don't make up the stories, OK, I just relay them...

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