Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Naked Vegan Folk and More

Ya know you're intrigued...

So, Steve from the Pgh Vegan Meetup Group linked me to a new vegan forum. www.veganfreak.com
Hot diggity! I'm so glad to finally have a forum where sexuality is totally embraced. In two days of perusing the site, I've seen a handful of boobies, butts and penis'. So refreshing. Uptight vegans need to kiss my vegan butt. Yes, that is my vegan butt. I don't mind porn. In fact, I enjoy "good" porn. Abbywinters.com rocks! I'm looking to create a suicidegirls set, too. I passed the prelim. but I'm having a hard time "creating" what I envision. Suicidegirls is more of a creative/artistic pursuit for me. I want a really unique set.
I'm extremely interested in what makes humans tick. So much of our society is dictated by religious ideals. Would we mate for life if not for the societal pressures? Are we all hard wired to be homosexual or heterosexual? I like that our culture is becoming "looser". I think that it's a sign of progress -moving beyond outdated and rigid ideas about relationships and sexuality. I'm far from being a feminist. I don't believe that women flaunting their bodies is an insult to women or strictly for the benefit of men. I think it's a huge step back for women to insult other women for blatant sexuality. If women ever want solidarity, they have to stop isolating other women in the process. What? You can't be a stay at home mom living under traditional gender roles and still be a progressive? You can't be promiscuous and still be accepted? That's a whole 'nuther rant.
Sex is good. Why can't we all talk about it? It's so secretive. It just seems so normal to me. I'm bisexual. I don't care who knows and yet many people are still so "hush-hush" about those things. Oh well.

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